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All in all 50.000 trees were planted by our Treeruns projects in 2021

Join us on the weekend of 16th – 20th of June 2021. Enjoy the outdoors and track your adventures via FATMAP, if we all together reach 20000 verticals climbed, Innsbruck Tourism will sponsor the planting of 20000 trees!

A Project by Protect Our Winters and FATMAP

Together with Innsbruck Tourism, FATMAP and Eden Reforestation Projects we want to plant trees by hiking vertical meters. Join us during the community weekends, getting outdoors and doing some vertical meters yourself, which will be tracked on the FATMAP App.

© Innsbruck Tourismus / Erwin Haiden – Graphics: Antonia Siebenbrunner

We would like to keep this project running and – since we achieved an amazing result on the first edition – we’ve decided to keep these weekends running. This time, celebrating the Crankworx Innsbruck, we would like you to go collect some vertical meters on your bike – however if you prefer any other activity as hiking, running, biking – those verticals will be counted as well.

We trust in our community of mountain sports enthusiasts. Together we can aim to contribute in a reforestation project and create labour for people in need.

What do you have to do? 

1. Download the FATMAP app here and create an account (if you haven’t already):

– If you are already a POW member you will have received a voucher code for the FATMAP Explore account by email (If not please contact us).

– If you are not a POW member yet, join now and get a 2 months voucher code for FATMAP Explore

2. Go outdoor: hiking, trail running, mountain biking, skitouring, split boarding or whatever activity will allow you to collect vertical meters on the weekend of 16th – 20th May – anything that will gain some vertical meters!

3. Track your activity through the tracking feature on the FATMAP app or – in case you would like to use another tracking device – connect it your FATMAP account (Suunto, Garmin, Strava – how-to instruction guide here) so that your tracks get automatically sent to your FATMAP account;

4. Check that your tour was synced to your FATMAP account (you will find them in the „My Adventures“ section in your FATMAP profile);

5. Important! Add the hashtag #TreeRunsPow to the title of your tour (your vertical meters will only be tracked if you include the hashtag) – How-to Instruction Guide here;

6. Last step but not least, get involved in planting some trees with us, leaving a spontaneous donation to Eden Reforestation Project through our platform! Together we can make the difference!

We’ll announce on social media the following week the goal we’ve achieved 😀 follow us here (FATMAP and POW Austria);

Motivate others to join by sharing your tour and the tree runs project on social media!

Here further instructions on how to set up a FATMAP account.



Why outdoor sports and planting trees?

Enjoying the views while hiking, discovering new trails by running or seeking the thrill on you bike. Our passion is our biggest strength at Protect Our Winters. Through our sports, we have an influence on our community. We want to transform the privilege we have in Austria of being able to do every kind of sports, into positive effects. Let’s do what we like the most while producing a positive impact to the community around us! The more trees are planted the more jobs are created and the higher the impact where it is needed the most. Climate Change doesn’t stop at borders.

©Pete Oswald & littel

Why Eden Reforestation Project?

The whole project was initiated by Pete Oswald (POW Newzealand Athlete) under the name ski for trees. Pete and Soph are working since more than 4 year with their business Little Difference together with Eden Reforestation Project and have already planted more than 90.000 trees. They even paid them a visit in Madagascar by themselves to ensure the credibility of the project and that the money goes where it should go.

Why Madagascar?

Madagascar is where we can make the biggest impact for the investment, the need there is far greater than here.

90% of Madagascars forest is gone, the remaining 10% hangs by a thread, the native animal and plant species rely on these last stands of forest to avoid extinction. The local Malagasy human population also needs these last stands of forest to avoid environmental collapse and starvation. Currently Madagascar, one of the poorest countries in Africa and the world, is being ravaged by a deadly outbreak of dengue fever and the COVID19 virus is also starting to take a hold. Planting trees towards reforestation has the following affects:

  • Provides habitat for endangered species;
  • Restores ecosystems;
  • Rainfall returns;
  • Land becomes more fertile;
  • Life returns to the shallow coastal seas as the silt disperses;
  • Food stocks are replenished;
  • People are lift out of poverty giving them dignity, independence and access to medicine and education;
  • The need to cut trees down to survive is eliminated.

Mangroves the super trees:

One mangrove tree sequesters 12.3 kg of CO2 per year over its average life of 25 years. Studies have shown that mangroves “sequester carbon at a rate two to four times greater than mature tropical forests”, and contain “the highest carbon density of all terrestrial ecosystems.” – source

How many trees do I need to plant with Ski for Trees to offset my footprint?

The average footprint of the average person worldwide is 4.8 metric tonnes of CO2 per year. 1 mangrove tree sequesters on average 12.3 kg/year, 390 mangrove trees would be needed to off set the global average of 1 persons emissions. But if you are like me and live in a developed country, your footprint is probably higher. 

Below is a table of CO2 emitted by country per capita, I have also put the number trees needed to plant with Ski for Trees which will offset your emissions each year for the life of your mangrove trees (25 years), and what that will cost you:

Grafik by Pete Oswald

*Titelbild© Innsbruck Tourismus / Erwin Haiden – Graphics by Antonia Siebenbrunner